winter tires

Winter Driving Survival Checklist

Winter Emergency Car Checklist Make sure your vehicle is properly equipped with these items should you face an emergency situation or become stranded: Cell phone and charger Candle and lighter or …

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St Lucia

Top 5 Crowd-Free Places to Visit in the Caribbean

Do you want to avoid the crowds on your next Caribbean holiday and wonder which place should you choose? Here are some suggestions where you can find some privacy and experience your …

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Natural Medicine For Top 8 Common Symptoms

Natural Medicine For Top 8 Common Symptoms

“More and more people are trusting natural, holistic, and alternative approaches to health care. As this demand increases, more and more classically trained physicians are learning integrative techniques. While some …

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How To Help Your Child to Overcome ADHD

Hearing that your child has ADHD (attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder) can be very confusing and concerning. The good news is that by engaging in treatment, children with ADHD can manage their …

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All You Need to Know about DNA Test

All You Need to Know about DNA Test

A DNA test can provide you with some valuable information about your ancestral heritage, biological family, and potential health risks. Genetic testing industry is booming and over 17 million people have done testing …

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Top Natural Remedies For Keeping Ants At Bay

Why worry about Ants? Ants ‘farm’ and feed off of aphids, so if you see ants crawling up and down your plant stems, chances are you probably have aphid problems. …

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Ways to Protect Yourself from Ticks

Warm weather means many of us are getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. The warm weather also brings out ticks, small bugs that bite and feed on the blood …

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keto diet

Keto Diet for Weight Loss

What is Keto Diet? Numerous studies have shown that keto diet can help not only to get rid of extra pounds, but also improve well-being, and make you healthier overall. …

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Reduce Your Mood Swings With These 5 Types of Foods

Fight High Blood Pressure In 7 Steps

1. Diminish your salt intake and learn to season your food with herbs and spices. Try curry, fennel, and garlic, for instance. Eat fresh food – real food – as …

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Sleep Deprivation: Definition, Causes, and Treatment

  Sleep deprivation also know as insomnia is a serious condition that can be caused by a variety of things. If left untreated, this condition can lead to serious health …

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