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2018 Most Popular Kids Toys for Holidays

2018 Most Popular Kids Toys for Holidays We have discovered the most popular, trendy and best selling toys of the season to inspire you for your Christmas gift ideas. We, …

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prevent cancer

5 Foods That Prevent Cancer

I will start off by stating that people’s lifestyle play a predominant role in the risk of developing cancer. Approximately one-third of cancers are directly linked to a diet. What is …

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going back to school

Back-To-School Tips For The Parents

From packing healthy lunches to fitting in family physical activities, keep your kids on the right track this school year with these back-to-school tips. 1. Safety First An estimated 2.2 …

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Tips on Effective Mosquitoes Control Around Your Yard and Home

Mosquitoes are known carriers of many diseases globally including West Nile Virus. Currently, West Nile Virus is causing some concerns in the USA. Because mosquitoes are aquatic in their immature …

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The Life-Changing Tips to Declutter Your Home

Have you ever felt that tidying up doesn’t yield any results in spite of all your efforts? After discarding one item after another and buying all possible kits for organizing …

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What is Diabetes and How to Keep it under Control?

For anyone who hears the diagnosis “diabetes,” the first question that comes to mind is probably: “Does this mean daily insulin shots?”. There is truly no simple answer to that …

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breast cancer

Right Questions to Ask Before Breast Surgery

One of the biggest problems when seeking advice of a cancer surgeon is trying to understand what his personal biases are. It’s essential to get a second opinion on your …

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mood swings

Reduce Your Mood Swings With These 5 Types of Foods

C hinese believe that nature is a reflection of our bodies and vice versa. So based on this theory, there are five elements in nature that correspond to specific organs …

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slow down your life

The 14 Golden Rules for Parents

H ave you ever heard from your kids, “Mom I just want to stay home.” Our lives became so rushed and we keep spinning in circles trying to keep up …

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cancer prevention

Cancer prevention: 7 tips to reduce your risk

There is only one person in charge of your health and your cancer prevention strategy…It’s YOU! We are all affected by our surroundings that cannot be controlled but there are lots …

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